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Lava Steam Pod

When you're done sweating and you see exactly what kind of toxins escaped your body, it blows your mind. I like this method of detoxing!

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Ease into your private single-person pod for the Lava Steam detoxification therapy. The goal is to sit, steam and relax for 20 – 30 minutes as your body flushes out toxins through a thorough, deep sweat. Enjoy complimentary alkaline water during your steam to help keep you hydrated. Clients desiring ultimate detoxification visit 3 times per week and more frequently in the summer.

Step 2: Retire to our plush sofa to rest and drink more water to help reinvigorate you. Your body will continue to flush out excess toxins for 30 minutes or longer after the therapy. If time allows, the client can step into our private shower area to rinse off excess sweat and toxins.

The Power of Steam

The Steam POD can reach uniform temperatures of 120-170 *F and maintain 100% humidity while your head rests comfortably outside with access to cool air and water.
The steam also activates the mineral panels inside the pod. The panels naturally convert heat from the steam to FAR Infrared Rays.

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FAR Infrared Radiation

FAR Infrared is a range on the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength of 4-1000 microns. Human tissue cells which are over 70% water, absorb and emit FAR at 6-14 microns. FAR heats soft tissue several inches deep which can enhance your body’s natural metabolic rate. In addition, it enhances circulation while oxygenating body tissue. Deep sweat can aid in detoxing heavy metals and other harmful chemicals in your body. Discoloration in your sweat are indicators of toxicity.

The Afterburn

Not only are you burning calories and experiencing a high intensity cardio workout, but those benefits extend for 24-36 hours of increased calorie burning.

Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC, involves your body utilizing more oxygen to restore itself to a resting state following high intensity activities. This process includes hormone balancing, replenishment of fuel stores, cellular repair, nerve stimulation, rebuilding muscles, and surround soft tissue.

High intensity exercise programs have been designed to maximize this effect and can be replicated in the Lava Steam Pod.


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